Lyme and Tick-Borne Research Center About Us

Scientific Advisory Board

From Other Institutions:

  • Diego Cadavid, MD (Harvard University; Associate Director, Biogen Idec, Cambridge, Massachusetts) (Neurology, Neuroinfectious Disease, Neuroimmunology, Primate model)
  • Clare Fraser-Liggett, PhD  (University of Maryland) (Microbial Genomics)
  • Robert Yolken, MD (Johns Hopkins Medical Center) (Virology, Microbial Diagnostics,  Neuropsychiatry, Pediatrics)
At Columbia University Medical Center:
  • Brian Fallon, MD (Director, Therapeutic Trials, Neuropsychiatry)
  • J. John Mann, MD, PhD (Translational Neuroscience & Receptor Imaging)
  • Carolyn Britton, MD (Neurology, neuroinfectious diseases)
  • Andrew Dwork, MD (Pathology and neuropathology)
  • John G. Keilp, PhD (Cognitive neuroscience)
  • James Moeller, PhD (Neuroimaging Networks)
  • Brian Scully, MD (Infectious Disease; Hospital Epidemiology)
  • Robert Winchester, MD (Chair of Rheumatology; HLA Markers)

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