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Mission Statement

The Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Center was established as the first academic research center in the country to focus multidisciplinary research on chronic Lyme disease.  In recognition that a growing number of patients experience ongoing or relapsing symptoms after having been treated for Lyme disease, in recognition that diagnostic tests often do not provide definitive information regarding the presence or absence of infection, and in recognition that there are multiple possible mechanisms by which symptoms persist, the mission of this center has a particular focus on identifying better diagnostic assays, better treatments, and a better pathophysiologic understanding of the mechanisms of symptom persistence.  


The Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Center at the Columbia University Medical Center was established on April 30, 2007 through a joint effort of Columbia University, Lyme Research Alliance, and the Lyme Disease Association.  Culminating many years of fund-raising efforts, the opening of this Center represents a commitment on the part of many generous donors to support the fight against this rapidly spreading disease.  In recognition that patients with chronic persistent symptoms were not included in most research studies around the country and that these patients were among the most disabled of all patients with Lyme disease, the two non-profit Lyme Disease organizations rallied their efforts to establish this Research Center at Columbia University in order to ensure that leading researchers at one of the foremost academic research centers internationally are given the resources to focus their research efforts on unraveling the mysteries of chronic Lyme disease.

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