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Second Opinion Evaluation Service

***Please note that during this COVID-19 situation, we will be doing all appointments through telehealth. These appointments will be done over video conferencing and we are happy to go into more details with you over the phone to decide if this is the right option for you.

Seeking a second opinion should never be discouraged if symptoms persist despite current treatments. Physicians, while often well-intentioned and expert in certain areas, cannot be experts in all areas of medicine. A diagnosis of Lyme or another tick-borne disease may have been missed by doctors not familiar with its many manifestations. Conversely, the diagnosis of other illnesses may have been missed by doctors who have incorrectly attributed a variety of symptoms to Lyme or another tick-borne disease.

Misdiagnosis is not surprising when one is dealing with a disease for which diagnostic tests are not definitive. Lyme disease in particular because it can affect so many different organ systems is one for which the contribution of several medical specialists should be sought — both in order to be confident of the clinical diagnosis and in order to identify any new treatments that may have emerged for related symptoms. To further complicate the situation, patients may have Lyme disease and other concurrent illnesses that are unrelated to one another. Or, Lyme disease may have triggered another disorder that requires non-antibiotic therapies for cure or symptom reduction. Seeking a fresh medical opinion therefore is wise and may lead to a breakthrough in your health.

At Columbia University Irving Medical Center, we offer a second opinion evaluation service for patients who have persistent neurologic or neuropsychiatric symptoms that have been attributed to a tick-borne illness. During this one and a half-day evaluation, patients are evaluated by a physician, medical history and records are reviewed, and extensive neurocognitive tests and blood tests are carried out.

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If you are interested in a second opinion evaluation, please contact us for more details. Please be aware that since the evaluation is comprehensive and only a limited number of patients can be seen each month to accommodate the large volume of requests for appointments, it might be several weeks before someone contacts you to set up your appointment. Your patience is appreciated. 

Please note that we do not have a walk-in clinic.  We are only able to see patients through a scheduled appointment. If you need immediate attention for a new Tick-borne infection, you should consult your local doctor or urgent care for evaluation and treatment.

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